C’est moi


Editorial Assistant at a publishing company.

Frequent puruser of pages with words on them.

Upstanding member of the Community of Curly Hairs.

Avid lifter of weights and treading of mills.

Firm believer of practically nothing, avid questioner of basically anything.

Also, as many people do in this day and age, I have far too many pictures of myself:


This shot compliments of one of my favorite photography friends


This blog began as an amalgamation of fiction, poetry, and my thoughts on current issues, all coupled with photos I’ve taken. After a hiatus of a year or two, I’ve returned, but this blog has changed just as I have over the years.

Many things I post here include my personal opinions or beliefs about current issues, including hot-button issues. While I may use facts to support my claims, please keep in mind that these are my opinions. I welcome debate or opposing viewpoints, and I urge you to voice them in the comments sections, but please refrain from personal attacks or remarks just to be rude. I write with the intention of educating people, and prompting civil, mature discussions.

That being said, any and all questions/statements/declarations are encouraged and welcomed!


One comment

  1. Jennrénay · July 16, 2013

    I like the picture. QT. <3

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