Your Sestina


He wraps himself around you,

as if shielding you from the cold,

and suddenly you can’t move.

It’s not as if you want to go,

but almost immediately, you know

that leaving his arms would hurt.


And you’re so tired of hurt

and the painful things around you

that even though you just know

eventually you’ll be back out in the cold,

you tell yourself, “He’ll never go,”

and you just don’t move.


But the world will still move,

and things will always hurt.

So often they just don’t go

the way they ought to (to you).

And things do get cold.

These are things everyone knows.


But what everyone doesn’t know

is the way he makes you move

towards a better you. He makes the cold

feel less biting, and the hurt

less terrifying. He does more than love you.

And perhaps there’s a chance he won’t go.


When the monsters in your mind go

bump in the night, you know

he’s heard them too. And when you

cower, he sighs, and helps you move

through the darkness and the hurt.

And he’s warm, even when he’s cold.


In time, you won’t fear cold

quite so much, and you’ll go

to the dark, even if it hurts.

And you hope one day he’ll know

what he means to you, and you’ll move,

together. And he’ll never leave you.


It hurts that there’s no way to know

whether or not life will make him go. But if he moves

away, leaves you cold, at least you’ll never doubt he loved you.

permanent tears


One comment

  1. Rén · October 8, 2013

    Simply beautiful. I definitely felt the emotions of it, it felt real. Very well done.

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