July 11th was the day my blog went live with its first post. After much remodeling and procrastination, I finally decided I would officially take a stab at this whole blog thing that so many people are so good at.

Now that the month of July is over, I’m looking at my Stats page, trying to decide just how well this endeavor is going for me… and I’m so happy. I gained 16 followers! I got 156 views! I got 18 likes! Sure, this is chump change to a lot of people. Other blogs may get that much traffic on a weekly basis, or even more. But for a novice like me with all of 8 posts, 16 new faces in 3 weeks’ time is as exciting as a crowd of adoring fans.

So I’d just like to thank my new fellow bloggers out there, and anyone reading this, for the support you’ve given me thus far. It’s really motivated me to continue putting my voice out there, because hey–apparently, some people would like to hear it!

Oh, I almost forgot! Obligatory photo to go with this post:

Gasp! You guys really like ME??

Gasp! You guys really like ME??


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